In the year of 1949, a time in which the World had just been freed from the mass destruction that the WWII brought, there was a huge controversy on the new order the world would follow. The power balance of the world was being shared between two major actors that would be the locomotives of two primary blocs: The Western and The Eastern Block.

On 4 April 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty was signed by several North American and European states, establishing an intergovernmental military alliance which would be named as NATO. Having been founded in the Early Cold War period, NATO has been the primary defense mechanism for its member states throughout the history. Politics and the names of the states of the World changed a lot but the aggressors never did.

In his committee, delegates will represent military officers of the member states and handle the scenario of a possible war in Korea. The committee will include advanced military strategies, highly fragile diplomatic relations and dynamics between the delegate and his/her state. A slightly altered NATO rules of procedure will be adopted in order to make the committee even more active on the issue.

The committee will witness a brand-new MUN system, which will be undisclosed until the conference.