Welcome to the future!

The year is now 2050, and after a general strike from the Robot’s Trade Union (ROBUnion), a large group of sentient Robots and A.I have been demanding official rights, just like everybody else. Finally, after immense pressure from activists, governments, and robots, the United Nations has decided to establish a council for Robots and A.I. and it will be named as the United Nations Robot Rights Council (UNRRC) in order to address this serious issue. Now, on the 22nd of March 2050, the UNRRC will have the first meeting in its history and will create a new era for Human-Robot relationship.

You are going to face humanity’s important problem that will rise in the future. Classic ethics and moral of humanity will change forever. Delegates are expected to balance the nature of sentience, consciousness, and the fundamental question of “what are rights” and who deserves these rights. You are treading on uncharted territory, and now, more than ever, delegates are expected to bring about a solution that will define the future of humanity for the centuries to come.