It is my utmost honor to welcome you to the NATO Committee. My name is Batuhan Akyazı, and I will be serving as the Under Secretary General responsible for the NATO committee. I am a senior student at Yeditepe University and I am studying Translation and Interpretation. I have been participating MUN conferences since my first year at the university. After all the conferences I participated, I can gladly say that with my exclusive experience and wild crisis management style, combined with undoubtedly the most elegant woman of the MUN society, Under-Secretary General of NATO Committee Birgül Bican Kutlu will once more create a unique experience for you. NATO committee will gather around the undersigned agenda of Review of Relations with Euro-Atlantic Partners. The representatives will work as an advisory body for NATO and Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council. I advise all of the participants to read and master the study guide well before the conference. To improve the effectiveness of your research about the topic, the study guide was prepared in a way that will help you comment on the information you read, instead of directly memorizing it. I look forward to seeing you all in the conference. Let’s bee united for a glorious journey! Sincerely,